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Thai Traditional Massage THAI VILLAGE タイ古式マッサージ タイヴィレッジ

Courses & Pricing

Thai Traditional Massage

60 mins : ¥5,000 90 mins : ¥7,000 120 mins : ¥9,000

Also known as the 'most comfortable massage in the world'. This massage technique improves blood and lymphatic circulation, aids in tension relief, fatigue recovery, and enhances immunity.

Thai Traditional Massage employs a range of techniques including compression (such as acupressure and palm pressure), stretching, kneading, and tapping. The therapist uses not only their fingers and palms, but also their elbows, knees, and feet during the treatment. In particular, the acrobatic stretches, synonymous with the 'painfully pleasurable' nature of Thai Traditional Massage, are used to adjust the body through various techniques.

Thai Traditional Massage is sometimes referred to as 'Yoga for two'. Thai massage and yoga share a common origin and Thai massage incorporates many elements of yoga. As a result, receiving a Thai Traditional Massage can bring about the beauty and weight loss benefits inherent in yoga.

Acrobatic stretching is not the only element of Thai Traditional Massage. Unique techniques have been established for compression and kneading as well. These methods focus on stimulating the 'Sen', the energy lines flowing through the human body. Stimulation of the Sen is done at a pace as slow as deep breathing. This stimulation kneads the stiff muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviating bodily pain, and promoting the recovery of natural healing abilities and immunity. It prevents muscle rigidity and by removing stagnated waste from the body, it contributes to anti-aging.

Thai Aromatherapy

60 mins : ¥7,000 90 mins : ¥10,000 120 mins : ¥13,000

This is the oil version of the 'most comfortable massage in the world'.

In Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine that forms the basis of Thai Traditional Massage, herbal oils made from herbs and medicinal plants were used for treatments. Thai Aromatherapy is a fusion of this Ayurveda and Western-origin oil massage and aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing treatment that uses plant-derived aromatic essences (essential oils) to enhance physical and mental health and beauty. Aromatherapy massage releases muscle tension with hand massage while enjoying the aroma of the oil. In addition, it moisturizes, warms, and rejuvenates your skin with the beneficial components of the oil. These active ingredients penetrate the skin, are carried throughout the body through the blood and lymph fluids, aiding in whole-body fatigue recovery, tension relief, and improvement of poor circulation.

One characteristic of Thai oil massage is its moderately strong strokes. Thus, it is also highly recommended for those with severe muscle stiffness.

Thai Traditional Massage & Thai Aromatherapy

100 mins : ¥10,000

This is our original menu that mixes Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Aromatherapy.

In one session, Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Aromatherapy are balanced effectively for whole-body fatigue recovery, improved blood circulation, stress relief, and restoration of body-mind balance. This course is also recommended for those new to Thai Traditional Massage.

Thai Foot Reflexology

30 mins : ¥3,000 60 mins : ¥5,000

Thai Foot Reflexology, a form of Thai Traditional Massage, is an improved version of the reflexology techniques that have been practiced in ancient China over 3000 years ago. The treatment involves the use of a specialized foot massage cream, and stimulating the 'Sen' on the soles of the feet using fingers or sticks.

The foot is also known as the 'second heart', and the whole body's organs are reflexively projected on the top and bottom of the foot. By stimulating these reflex zones on the sole, it indirectly massages the corresponding organs. Therefore, Thai Foot Reflexology not only relieves foot fatigue but also aids in the functional recovery of organs throughout the body, and improves the flow of blood and lymph.

We will massage not only the soles and the top of the foot, but also the calves.


Shower Room ¥500 Therapist Request Fee ¥500

The shower room can be used before or after the treatment for an additional fee of 500 yen. If you wish to request a specific staff member, a request fee of 500 yen will be charged.

Discount Service

For customers who are interested, we provide our members card. We will stamp one per every 30 minutes of service. Once you accumulate 20 stamps, you will receive a 30-minute service for free.

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The services we provide at our establishment are not medical procedures (diagnosis or treatment). For chronic discomfort or diseases, we recommend consulting with a medical specialist.

For the safety and comfort of our clients, we regretfully cannot provide our services to individuals who fall under the following categories:

- Individuals with heart conditions
- Individuals with severe circulatory disorders
- Individuals who are inebriated
- Individuals with infectious diseases
- Individuals with severe inflammations or infections on the skin (athlete's foot, rash, etc.)
- Pregnant individuals
- Individuals who make loud noises or cause disturbances to other clients
- Individuals who exhibit behavior considered to be against public order and morality
- Other individuals deemed inappropriate for our services

In addition, please consult us in advance if you fall under any of the following categories:

- If you have eaten within the last 30 minutes
- If you are receiving medical treatment for serious illnesses
- If you have abnormalities in your spine
- If you have abnormalities in your respiratory or circulatory systems
- If you have gout or rheumatism
- If you have hernia
- If you have varicose veins
- If you have osteoporosis
- If you have acute symptoms
- If you have malignant tumors
- If you are feeling abnormalities in your body not listed above.

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